How To Shave Your Genital Area For Sexual Activities

Although how you care for your pubic hair is entirely up to you, there are a few things to consider. Since it requires less maintenance and can serve as a cushion during sex, many people prefer to maintain their hair in an uncontrolled state. Additionally, having sex can not always be the most enjoyable or hygienic activity. If you prefer a more shaven appearance, there are a few things to consider, including whether to go for a tapered style or to completely shave your head. How to get the ideal look and feel for your preferred sexual activity is covered in this post on how to shave my genital area for sex.

Prior to shaving your genitalia

Before you start, you should decide if you want to shave your pubic hair. If you watch a lot of porn, you might assume that everyone has their pubic hair completely removed, but this is untrue. The full Brazilian entails complete hair removal, but this style is very recent. This is a result of both societal attitudes and the advancement of the required technology.

There are some allegations that completely shaving off all hair from your genitals may increase your risk of developing an STD, even though it does assure that your pubic hair won’t get in the way of sex. In addition, it can itch, and if it’s not cleaned, it can clog pores and result in painful ingrown hairs. Additionally, during penetrative sex, pubic hair acts as a genital cushion. This explains why a lot of people tend to leave a triangle or patch repeatedly.

Once you’ve made the decision to shave, you need to decide on your style. You shouldn’t go in there pretending to be a machete-wielding jungle bushwhacker. American waxing keeps anything that isn’t covered by bikini bottoms, but French waxing only removes a patch (also known as a landing strip). Different people have different hair growth patterns; some might have an organically maintained shrub, while others would have more of an overgrown lawn. If shaving is more comfortable for you, do it. You’ll often feel more in control.

The procedures you must follow for a quick and customized method of shaving your genitalia for sex are as follows:

first trim pubic hair

Trimming your pubic area is the first step in shaving it. We don’t mean to suggest that you cut your back and sides short. Simply so that you may shave more conveniently. When males trim their beards, the same thing occurs. Simply cut the longer hair with some scissors and gather it between your fingers. Trim the hair and discard it properly.

This procedure can be made considerably simpler with an electric trimmer. Use the trimmer to get closer if you want to totally shave, and then use the razor to finish the job. WARNING: Take care around loose skin!

How to make shaving your genitals less itchy

As with any skin-shaving procedure, you should try to minimize itching. Read our post on how to stop itching when shaving pubic hair for more information on how to accomplish this effectively. In conclusion, you must first prepare the vaginal region.

When you are unclean, such as after having sex or working out, avoid shaving. This is due to the fact that dirt and perspiration salts from various sources might enter newly opening pores. This might cause patches or ingrown hairs, as well as an infection of the pores. Additionally, opening the pores and cleaning the pubic region with warm water will facilitate shaving.

Utilize quality materials

Buying intimate region shaving cream is a wise and secure decision. You may prevent razor burn by using a product that contains components that are good for delicate skin. If this is your first time shaving, make sure you don’t have any allergies. A normal shaving cream should also work. On a little area of skin somewhere else, you can experiment. This will stop an unpleasant reaction from happening in your most delicate locations.

Use a fresh, clean razor to finish your shave. You will have wasted your time if you prepare your genitals for shaving and then use a dirty razor. Although a seventeen blade laser guided razor is not necessary, it is advisable to avoid the inexpensive disposables as well.

Watch cautious for skin sensitivity

Once you’ve chosen your preferred look, prepared your pubic area, and are ready with all of your supplies, soap up the area. Avoid going in dry to avoid getting unpleasant razor burn. Take extra care near the labia if you have a vagina. While shaving with the other hand, use the other to stretch the skin. You will be able to control your shaving better if the surface is larger.

The same holds true if you have testicles and a penis. Holding the scrotum gently will help you avoid nicking any loose skin. Avoid using excessive pressure and move as fluidly as you can over the region.

following shaving your genitalia

While shaving against the grain will result in a tighter cut, it will also make it simpler to abrade skin. Take a mirror and place it in front of you so that you may shave your pubic area to the desired form. It is ideal if you are seated in a chair or stool. You can also do this in the bathtub, where it will be simpler to get warm water and should make less of a mess to clean up.

After finishing, rinse with cold water. The cause of this is because the cold closes and constricts the pores. By doing this, dirt won’t be able to enter and clog them. You can apply an aftershave lotion to the shaven skin in the same way that you would if you were shaving your face. Just be careful not to get it on any delicate regions that could trigger an allergic response.

You might discover that you truly like the sensation now that you have shaved your genitalia for sex. However, one shouldn’t remove pubic hair the same way they would their facial hair. If you want to learn how frequently you should shave your pubic area and genitalia, stick with us. You can read about hair removal for your anus area if you’re not content with just hairless genitalia.

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