9 Signs a Person Likes You Even If You Don’t Think So

You don’t have to ask someone directly and immediately to find out how they feel about you. It suffices to pay greater attention to this person’s body language. Their body language may tell you a lot about them.

CLAMOTION I looked into psychologists’ publications to learn what behavioral cues meant that someone wasn’t just passing you by. But it doesn’t have to be about romantic sentiments all the time.
1. Someone likes you if they try to take anything that is physically between the two of you.
We make an effort to break down all physical boundaries when we talk to someone we admire. And the reverse is also true. Barriers in this context might refer to many items, including cups, plates, backpacks, and pillows.

For instance, if someone places their glass in between you two, your connection is definitely neither romantic nor friendly. Or if a lady talks to a man while holding her luggage in front of her, she probably won’t go much closer to him.

2. Everyone respects their own personal space. And when they draw closer to us, people desire our approval.
Unconsciously, people seek to maintain a physical distance from those they detest and to be physically near those they like. This pattern of conduct has roots in the impulse to defend our home range from “predators,” a tendency that was prevalent among early human beings.

This individual isn’t indifferent to the person they’re speaking to, as seen by gestures like turning their body to face them or tilting their head in their direction.


3. Pay attention to the person’s feet when you’re speaking to them. They might be saying a lot by the way they point.
When it comes to body language, one of the telltale signals is which way the feet are pointed. When someone is speaking to someone else while pointing their feet in your direction, they are subtly trying to catch your attention. It’s fascinating that this symptom typically comes first; a person will initially shift their feet in the direction of the person they like before displaying any other compassion behaviors.

4. Raised eyebrows are not always a sign of surprise.

A person who likes you will unconsciously lift their eyebrows when you welcome them. Their raised eyebrows will be more obvious the more they like you. However, this motion is rarely noticeable and is easily missed.

5. If someone standing or sitting close to you maintains an excessively straight back, they may be attempting to get your attention.
Men often unconsciously maintain a straight back or even slightly incline it when speaking to a lady they admire. By doing so, a person kind of accentuates all of their attractive traits and becomes a little taller. However, it could appear at first that they are attempting to put you in the distance.

6. Pay attention to the individual who makes fake praise for you.
For one simple reason, many individuals avoid complimenting those they like: they believe you are already flawless and don’t need to point it out to you.

But for the same reason, it feels forced and even fake when they do compliment you. Because people believe you are aware of your attractiveness, they become uneasy and say absurd things as a result.

7. When you’re walking with someone, be aware of where they are in relation to you.
From a psychological perspective, walking in front of you indicates that the individual is more concerned with themselves than they are with you. A person may like you if they follow you. However, if they follow you while keeping the same pace, this is a surefire indication that they like you.
8. Observe how frequently a person blinks.

Unconsciously, people shut their eyes when they don’t particularly enjoy their conversation partner. Eyelids serve as a type of wall to keep this individual out. Additionally, people will blink less frequently if they like you.

9. Men typically make an effort to appear untouchable in front of the lady they desire. However, the way they hold their hands may reveal some personal information.
When in front of the woman they like, men are prone to display their vulnerabilities. Keeping their hands on their hips and exposing their stomachs is one of the subtle ways they might reveal their weaknesses. This stance may appear haughty and even menacing, but in most cases, it merely indicates that someone is unintentionally attempting to demonstrate their openness to you.


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