How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water?

Have you ever had the impression that your home is filled with bad energy? Here are some pointers on how to identify the presence of negative energy and how to get rid of it.

If you are a sensitive person who is able to sense the energy around them, you are aware that some environments might make you feel uneasy or distressed.

One approach to checking for bad energy is to put 25% salt in a jar and then add water to fill it up. Mix thoroughly until the salt is dissolved, cover the jar, and set it somewhere dark and quiet to cure.

Check the jar in a day or two; if the water has lumps or has changed color (it will appear foggy), this is evidence that there are disruptive forces at work in your surroundings.

For further details, view the video below:

Other ways to delete negative energy
We prefer to release a lot of our emotional baggage at home since that is where we feel safest and most comfortable. Are you prepared to establish a good environment and rid your house of bad energy?
You should be aware that negativity has an impact on both you and those around you. It restricts your ability to advance and live a noteworthy life. Our health is also quantifiable, to a certain extent, by negativity. According to research, those who choose to live with pessimism face more stress, more illness, and less good fortune throughout the course of their lives. Here are some suggestions for clearing your home of bad energy and your personal energy as well:


My preferred gemstone for removing bad energy is this one. There are a lot of them all throughout my house. This crystal works for individuals as well and does not require clearing like other crystals. It may be carried about in a pocket.

A fantastic cleaner is salt. You may sprinkle salt on your carpet to allow it to soak up all the energy and smells in the space. After letting it sit for a few hours, vacuum up the debris.

Epsom salts may be added to your bath to help your body remove toxins. The poisons will be pulled into the water due to the chemical force you’ve created, and you’ll also feel much better.

If you really enjoy the music you choose, playing it might help heal a particular location and make you feel better as well. David Hawkins was a man who once lived and assessed the “level” of music in relation to spiritual development.


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