7 Text Messages You Should Never Send To Your Man If You Want To Keep Him In Your Life

There is no doubting the importance of texting in the current world, particularly in terms of dating. You may now instantly speak with your significant other, no matter how far apart you may be, thanks to the widespread use of cellphones. But keep in mind the adage, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

It doesn’t follow that you should always text your lover just because you have the option to do so. And whenever you do text him, you should always be careful to use discretion. You don’t want to send him careless texts. You want to be methodical.

Yes, you do want to be able to express yourself freely in your relationship. That’s beneficial. But it doesn’t imply you should speak carelessly without considering how what you say will affect your relationship.

You want to confirm that your tact, elegance, and composure are still intact. That rings true in both text messaging and verbal conversations. There are only some texts that you should be careful not to send to your guy. If not, you’ll push him farther and farther away from you.

You should utilize texting as a technique to deepen your relationships with one another. But if you use it incorrectly, you run the danger of losing the opportunity to have a fulfilling and positive connection with him. And don’t panic if you think your texting skills could use some improvement. That is the purpose of this article. If you want to keep your boyfriend in your life, avoid sending him the following text message examples:


Consider keeping your nagging and whining to a minimum, not only when you’re texting. Guys often detest it when you do it. Instead of passively complaining about everything that is wrong, try to be a problem solver. Be his accomplice. As you attempt to overcome the obstacles in your relationship, cooperate. You don’t want to gripe about your predicament for too long without discussing how to make it better.

In a partnership, there should always be room for criticism, but it must always be delivered with kindness and respect. You can’t be making fun of and criticizing him only to hurt his feelings. He won’t want to be with you if you do that. And you absolutely cannot criticize him by SMS. Being misinterpreted is a possibility. Always be really personal while attempting to give your man constructive criticism. Otherwise, he can interpret it incorrectly.


Apologies are nice, but don’t just send him a message of regret. It’s important to swallow your pride and accept responsibility for your mistakes when you behave badly in a relationship. Admit your mistake and promise him that you will learn from it by approaching him and offering an apology. Do it in person, if possible. An apology is a sensitive matter that has to be made in person. It loses its significance when sent as a text message.


Be cautious when making assumptions about your boyfriend. Don’t question him through text message over his whereabouts the night before. Don’t text him claiming that he cheated on you with another female. In general, refrain from making any accusations. These are major problems that require immediate, urgent attention in person.


Don’t call him and cut things off. Don’t text him to beg him to move in with you. You don’t anticipate that he will text you a proposal, do you? Give him the same deference. You must be able to discuss these matters in person if there is a significant problem with your relationship. There are some discussions that simply cannot be conducted online.


Even some of the more important problems of life that don’t directly impact your relationship need to be discussed in person, which relates to the preceding item on this list. If you learn that you’re ill, pregnant, getting a promotion, or that you’ve been fired, whatever Instead, you should save these topics for in-person interactions.


Finally, refrain from texting others about private or intimate matters. These days, you can never be too sure about technology. Whatever information you provide through your phone might wind up in the hands of anyone.


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