Tips on Getting Rid of Water Retention In Your Body!

Your body may be retaining excess water in your system, resulting in your symptoms if you feel sluggish and bloated or if you observe swollen feet, ankles, or fingers.

is irritating since you are unable to wear all of your desired ensembles, such as shoes, dresses, and tight jeans. However, it can also lead to certain issues with heart pressure.

What exactly is water retention?
It occurs when bodily fluids in the skin and tissue are not expelled. Oedema is the official name for this condition, which can affect either specific body parts or the entire body.

Oedema may be brought on by a number of factors. Additionally, it is more likely to happen during the summer, and it is also unavoidable during pregnancy. But these other factors can also result in water retention:

  • Gravity, like if you work standing on your feet the whole time.
  • Hormones, especially the ones that are connected with the menstrual cycle
    Contraception pills
  • In cases of burns, such as sunburns or heavy burns from other accidents, the body tends to cool off from the inside, and that’s why it retains the fluids.
  • Hot weather: the body can’t remove enough fluids from the body in the summer compared to the winter.
  • Eating really salty foods has a tendency to retain fluids inside the organism. Some medications, such as medications for high blood pressure, corticosteroids, and anti-inflammatory drugs,

So, what are the symptoms that your body is retaining fluids inside?

  • Feeling bloated, especially in the stomach
  • Fluctuating in weight, though not eating more or less
  • Stiffness in your joints
  • Swollen feet, hands, fingers, and ankles
  • When you press your skin, it may hold the indent for a little bit.

And in the end, here are some natural foods and remedies that can eliminate the extra fluids from the body.

  • Cut down on salty foods and foods that are high in sodium.
  • Eat more protein.
  • Include bananas in your daily food intake; potassium is great for eliminating fluids.
  • Eat cucumber, cabbage, and parsley; they are natural diuretics.
  • Take less coffee and alcohol because they are “dehydrating drinks.”
  • Drink more water.
  • Exercise helps you sweat and drink more water.
  • Keep a food diary; this will help you understand what you’ve eaten on a day when you feel bloated and sluggish.

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